Safe performance of any project or assigned task is the priority at GTI Construction

The safety of tradesmen, project personnel and others who visit the work site will find an uncompromising attitude with respect to safe work practices and maintaining conditions that are free from all avoidable hazards. We also understand that the crucial job of a General (or our) Construction Company is highly dependent on relationships. That’s why we take the time to collaborate with all the members of your project, from the engineers and client associates to the subcontractors and vendors, to deliver the right results and the best possible service for your facility. Most projects require work groups to manage many moving parts simultaneously.

We go a step further by providing a seamless construction project experience and establishing a strong positive safety culture that goes beyond the job site.

We believe that establishing Safety as a Core Value will develop a sustainable safety culture that leads to more positive attitude, safe behaviors, and safe practices not just on the job site but off the job site as well. This displays a true representation of GTI’s Commitment to Safety and strives to accomplish this by:

Safety Program Tools

  • Site-Docs Safety Program Management Software

    Allows employees to have immediate access to Company Information, Policies & Procedures, maintain Credentials, inspection forms, and other resources

  • Avetta/ IS Networld./ ProCore/ and other platform Member

  • Online Training Platform/ In-House Training – Atlantic Training/ NCCER

    Offers a large number of Online Trainings with a Verifiable credential or Certificate