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unwavering commitment to safety, collaboration, and excellence

Our experienced team prioritizes the well-being of tradesmen and project personnel, while fostering strong relationships with all stakeholders. We provide seamless project management and comprehensive services across the Southwestern United States. At GTI Construction, we ensure the successful completion of projects on time and within budget, delivering exceptional value to our clients.

Safety First

At GTI Construction, the safe performance of any project or assigned task is our top priority. We are committed to maintaining an uncompromising attitude towards safe work practices and ensuring a hazard-free environment for tradesmen, project personnel, and site visitors.

Relationship Building

We understand the importance of strong relationships in the industrial trades. By collaborating with all project stakeholders, including engineers, client associates, subcontractors, and vendors, we deliver exceptional results and best-in-class service for your facility.

Seamless Project Management

Our team is experienced in managing multiple project components simultaneously. We strive to provide a seamless construction project experience, ensuring a smooth and efficient process for our clients.

Service Area

Our electrical installation and construction work can be found throughout Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Texas, and across the Southwestern United States.

Comprehensive Services

Green Tanner Industrial Construction’s self-performing crews have the field experience and equipment to handle a wide range of project tasks. Our services extend beyond site-wide electrical installation and instrumentation to include excavation, concrete work, and more.

On Time and Within Budget

Our highly capable and streamlined process enables us to complete all our jobs on time and within budget, ensuring that our clients receive the highest quality work without unexpected costs.