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Looking for a Reliable and Trustworthy Industrial Construction Contractor in the Southwestern United States?

Industrial site work and contracting is what Green Tanner Industrial Construction does best. If you’re looking for an experienced contractor to meet the general construction needs of your mining site, oil and gas refinery, water treatment facility, and more, contact us online or give us a call at 480-982-0695 to get started today. We also invite you to browse our industrial project portfolio to see some of the work we have previously completed throughout the Southwestern United States.





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Industrial & Mining Projects

Arizona Mine, Power and Tail Stack

The Power and Tail Stack project consisted of installing camera feeds on the massive 200′ stacks. Green Tanner Industrial was responsible for running all electrical and control feeds to the surveillance system. Green Tanner Industrial self performed all work on this project.

Arizona Mine, Smelter Roofline Project

The Smelter Roofline Project consisted of running power and controls from the existing cable tray to the smelter roof and across the roof line. Green Tanner Industrial self performed all work on this project.

Arizona Mine, Anode RO Building Expansion Building Duct bank

The Anode RO Building Duct bank project consisted of installing a 280′ long 5′ wide 5′ deep concrete duct bank. Green Tanner Industrial self performed the installation of the electrical duct bank and subcontracted the earthwork scopes. GTI has successfully teamed with several Industrial contractors in the past and will continue to do so. At Green Tanner Industrial we understand the value of a strong team.

Imerys Perlite Mine, Superior AZ, PC Board replacement and Instrument Air Upgrade

The Imerys Perlite PV Board project consisted of running new conduit and cable for the new PC Boards. This work was performed during a scheduled outage. During the outage Green Tanner Industrial also replaced instrument air lines on valve section 1. Green Tanner Industrial self performed all work on this project.

Imerys Perlite Mine, Superior AZ, Lighting Upgrade Phase 1

The IMERYS Perlite Lighting Project consisted of replacing several predetermined fixtures. During this project Green Tanner was able to bring in a teaming subcontractor to help weld a new wench system on our clients facility. During our lighting project we also helped eliminate possible MSHA violations. Green Tanner Industrial teams with lighting retrofit consultants across the nation to provide our clients with the best possible solutions while saving them money.

Town of Gilbert 4,5, and 6 Low Lift VFD and Harmonic Filter Replacement

The Town of Gilbert 4, 5 and 6 Low Lift VFD and Harmonic Filter replacement project is the replacement of three 100 HP electrical units. Green Tanner Industrial will be teaming with Dykman Electric on this project to offer the city a turn key solution. Green Tanner Industrial will self perform all work for this project.

NRAO / VLA with Associated Universities

The Jansky Very Large Array Facility is located approximately 50 miles west of the town of Socorro in the desert of New Mexico. The facility serves as an observatory and with its 30 dishes, is able to capture information about our solar system and neighboring galaxies and relay that information to the scientific community. The VLA Electrical Infrastructure Upgrade is comprised of 3 major equipment installations. The first portion includes installation of a new 3MW CAT Generator capable of 12.47kV generation that is used throughout the site. The second portion includes installation of new Medium Voltage Siemens Switchgear which is responsible for power distribution to the site facilities. The final portion involves installation of a new switchboard in the Control Building which will service the Correlator super computer located on the second floor of the building.