Data Centers

Data Centers, or Mission Critical Projects, are one of the fastest-growing sectors of the Construction Industry.

With our skill, expertise and project experience, GTI can provide you with the necessary site electrical and telecommunications support in order to make your project a success. From BIM Coordination, underground installation and MV cabling to testing and commissioning, we are fully equipped to tackle every aspect of the large-scale MV electrical demands every Data Center requires.

Our expertise includes:

In addition to the electrical components, we are also well versed in Linear Heat Detection installation and commissioning.

Cold Storage Facilities present a unique set of challenges for any electrical system installer.

GTI has successfully completed multiple installations at various facilities, acquiring the necessary knowledge and skills to provide a superior end product. Our expertise encompasses medium-voltage site electrical distribution, motor control centers, and 600V plant distribution. We recognize the critical importance of linear heat detection installation and commissioning and possess extensive knowledge in this technology. Choose GTI for your cold storage facility’s electrical needs, and rest assured that you will receive exceptional service and meticulous attention to detail.